About Us

We’re interested, enthusiastic, open and straightforward which makes it easy to get to know us very quickly: this matters as much on short-term, intense campaigns as on longer projects. Our best work has come from getting to know the people we work with and we have been part of the team for many of our clients for several years.

Excited by an ever-changing media landscape, we’re highly successful at positioning brands across print, broadcast, digital and social media, bringing a depth of communications experience, a commitment to skills and training and a curiosity for the subjects with which we work for all of our clients.

Since we set up in 1999, we’ve worked for some of the best cultural clients and the most creative projects around which means that the people who work here are usually readers, watchers, writers, singers, listeners, makers, bakers, geeks and keenos. We can’t prove it but we think it adds something valuable to the work we do and the ideas we bring to every client’s project in all sectors.

When we started out, arts clients and cultural projects were what we were known for but today our work covers many sectors including regeneration, retail, property and tourism, at every scale from start-ups to PLCs.

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