Young people need a platform not a makeover

Posted 07:00, 01 Aug 2008
By: Anita Morris

These are strange times when The Prince’s Trust announces a new PR campaign to ‘makeover’ the nation’s youth. Day in, day out we read about our teenagers stabbing one another and scaring the adults. These stories are not of course made up but what must it feel like to be a young person today, to […]

Black Panther salute is still powerful

Posted 13:00, 25 Jul 2008
By: Anita Morris

John Carlos and Tommie Smith couldn’t have known that their Black Panther salute at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico would still be causing controversy, forty years later in Manchester. The story, picked up by the Daily Mail, has sent the people behind the project back to the drawing board, ditching the designs put forward in […]