My experience at Anita Morris Associates

Posted 14:00, 25 Jul 2022
By: Anita Morris

This month [July 2022], we had two workplace students, Harry and Eve, join us in the office so they could gain valuable experience of working in a PR agency.

We encourage students to embrace their time with us by getting them involved in all things PR – from researching and planning to writing their own press releases. We want them to come away having learnt something new and maybe considering PR as a career choice.

On Harry and Eve’s last day with us, we asked them to write a blog post about their own experiences, here’s what they had to say about their visit

Eve [Aged 17]

Four-day placement.

“After entering ‘the real world’ for four days, working with Anita Morris and her team, I have undoubtedly gained a great insight into the expectations and experiences that come with public relations- and I am fascinated.

I believe the atmosphere within a work environment is a crucial factor that influences your perception of the job in hand. My first time walking into the office was, as expected, nerve wracking however, any trepidation I originally had was immediately soothed with the warm introduction of each team member, initiating a positive outlook on the days to come.

I was given my own workspace amongst the squared layout of inward facing desks, a practical way of encouraging discussion and conversation- something I’ve learnt to be a highly important aspect of PR.

Before beginning any tasks, Anita personally took me aside to introduce the company and the many past achievements they had accomplished. I was surprised at the range of topics/events they had taken part in and as I was being presented to the great variety that is involved in PR my interest sparked.

One of the tasks I was asked to complete required research into celebrities of Leeds in order to provide some foundation information that would contribute towards LEEDS 2023; one of the many current projects the team Is working on. To begin with I struggled with where exactly I should look and if I was searching for the right information, but with time and aid from the others I managed to prepare a spreadsheet list of both high and low-profile celebrities, combined with biographical information for each one. Not only did I find enjoyment in the actual research element of the individuals and their connections to Leeds, but I also felt satisfaction due to the fact I knew the information I was providing would be of use to the project, enabling me to feel involved with the team- not just as the typical designated tea and coffee maker.

When overviewing my time over the past four days I can take away informative and inspiring knowledge that pulls me into PR along with its endless branches of possibilities. The team’s encouragement is something I am extremely grateful for, as their experienced, instructive and friendly help has only further enhanced my positive outlook towards PR”.

Harry [Aged 14]

Two-day placement here and another two at a Leeds based, digital marketing agency.

After two days at DS.Emotion I was eager [even though I really enjoyed it] to move away from digital advertising and marketing and in to Public Relations. Through the week I have experienced first-hand of what being in the media has to offer.

I believe that a positive atmosphere within a working environment is very important that it influences your first impression of a business. I had come to the office prior to the two days I was at Anita Morris Associates to introduce myself and ask a few questions.

The first time I walked into the office I wasn’t nervous. I sat down with a positive outlook and got on with the work provided. One of the tasks I was asked to complete required researching the press release about the business centre Marshall’s Mill in Leeds.

I had to create social media Instagram posts highlighting what companies are doing, E.g. renewing leases, new tenants joining the building and businesses expanding. Not only did I find enjoyment in the research, but I also felt satisfaction that my information could be of use in one of their social campaigns.

Another task that Anita Morris Associates assigned to me was writing a press release about a heron mural at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. This enabled me to see what writing a press release is like.

When overviewing my time over the past 4 days of work experience it really brought media to life rather than doing theory work in school. I can take away information from doing digital advertising and marketing and Public Relations and put that information to good use later in life.

The team’s patience and encouragement is something I am truly grateful for, as their experienced, instructive and friendly help has only further enhanced my very positive outlook towards the media”.

If you are/know someone in need of work experience, don’t be afraid to ask. Please email and we will try accommodate you.