Even today, with a proliferation of communications channels, nothing beats face-to-face communication or word-of-mouth as a means of influence.

Since 2007, when a client was happy to let us produce the first ever live Second Life event, we have integrated digital media channels, including social media, into every campaign that we create. The principles of communication are the same – content remains queen – and we never take our eye off the client’s ultimate goal.

We bring a depth of specialist communications experience, a love of the subjects with which we work and excellent contacts to every new project, approaching each with a blank sheet in the knowledge that the solutions we have found for one project are unlikely to be the same for another. The services we offer include:-

Media Relations

If we don’t think a project has media potential, we will say so and we work with our clients to help create campaigns in ways that attract attention.

We produce a range of written and visual media briefing documents, including background notes, Q&As, potential feature ideas, captioned images – whatever kit is required to grab the attention of busy journalists and their editors and to inspire them to use the material – whether they work in print, web or broadcast.

Working with the industry’s leading media database and our own personal contacts developed over many years, we manage all communications with the media from introduction through to fulfilment, providing a full ‘press office’ service that is both proactive and responsive.

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