Even today, with a proliferation of communications channels, nothing beats face-to-face communication or word-of-mouth as a means of influence.

Since 2007, when a client was happy to let us produce the first ever live Second Life event, we have integrated digital media channels, including social media, into every campaign that we create. The principles of communication are the same – content remains queen – and we never take our eye off the client’s ultimate goal.

We bring a depth of specialist communications experience, a love of the subjects with which we work and excellent contacts to every new project, approaching each with a blank sheet in the knowledge that the solutions we have found for one project are unlikely to be the same for another. The services we offer include:-

Planning & Strategy

Using as much information as we can gather – including competitor analysis, media profiling, audience behaviour, influencer sentiment, social media analytics – we devise strategies for each project that will help our clients to achieve success.

From crafting key messages through to planning complex multi-channel campaigns, we create pragmatic strategies for delivery, with built-in methods of monitoring and evaluation.

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